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With a career spanning over three decades in marketing, I've had the privilege of working with esteemed companies and brands, where I’ve interviewed, hired, and mentored countless individuals, honing my knack for spotting talent.

My own journey took a turn when I discovered a passion for helping individuals effectively market themselves, tapping into their unique talents and interests to transform their professional aspirations into tangible realities.

As a proud mother of three young adults, I've successfully guided each one through the transition from college to the real world. Word spread among friends and acquaintances, leading them to seek my help with their job searches. That’s when I realized the wealth of expertise I could offer.

I launched Let's Build YOU to address the challenges faced by early to mid-career job seekers exploring career transitions. With economic uncertainties, workforce fluctuations, and the rise in hybrid work arrangements, I focus on identifying and refining my client's goals, then pursuing them through a customized and well-supported plan.

With a BA from Colby College and a career coach certification from the International Association of Career Professions, I bring extensive knowledge and qualifications to our partnership.

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